"I was fortunate to work with Jen during my final project at General Assembly. Over the course of a two-week hackathon we came up with an idea and successfully drove the idea from concept to product. As the product manager, I was very pleased to work with such an experienced and talented UX Designer. Jen proved to have a unique aesthetic eye and made smart design decisions based on thorough User Research throughout the two weeks of collaboration. Aside from her stunning designs, Jen is a very personable, kind and fun person to work with. She is consistently dedicated, responsible and hard-working. I would trust all my future product developments in her hands. I would highly recommend Jen as your next UX designer; her impeccable designs combined with her significant user research & usability testing process has been a privilege to work with."

Isabelle Ringnes, Product Management Student, General Assembly

"I did PR for a design studio whose sales were managed by a multi-line rep firm (Aesthetic Movement); Jen handled publicity for that rep firm, so we had frequent occasion to cross paths. She was smart, efficient, articulate, style-savvy, quick on follow-up, and a terrific, creative communicator. I heartily recommend her."

Susan Harkavy, PR Consultant

"Jen worked for and with me at BAGGU in a freelance PR capacity. She has an absolutely amazing work ethic, and is willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her. She was very effective in securing us press, promoting our events, and helping us focus our limited resources in the right directions. She is smart, punctual and responsible, as well as a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Jen for any position."

Ellen Vanderlaan, Creative Director, BAGGU

"I've had the pleasure of designing and teaching a class with Jen about "Finding Your Voice" for the young rockers at summer camp. Jen's passion and dedication were obvious from the beginning as were her ideas for activities and ways to present them in fun, diverse ways. We made sure to get the kids up and moving — conscious of changing up the the exercises to suit the different age groups. Obvious too was the constant striving for improvement I consistently notice while working with Jen. After our first Rock Camp class, we reviewed it openly with a critical eye — able to tweak and improve for the next one.

In my experience working with Jen, I've never seen her leave a gathering without a new friend and new number. She is EXCELLENT at connecting herself and others with projects and networks — connecting cat owners to cat-sitters, just as easily as she connects photographers to stylists. Bringing people together is as much as an interest as creative projects themselves."

Shira Bannerman, Workshop Leader, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

"Talk about creativity. I was honored to work with the powerhouse that is Jen Ng. Without her passion and collaborative spirit, our photo shoots would have suffered. She was always eager to step up to the plate, take on a new challenge and use her problem-solving skills to deliver top-notch results."

Amy Cuevas Schroeder, Editor-In-Chief, Venus Zine

"Jen has that rare capacity to work hard on a project whether or not there is anyone around to see her do it or even whether or not she'll be held accountable for not getting it done. She's focused, organized and works hard to finish ambitious projects and finish them she does."

Brady Dale, Writer, Fortune Magazine

"Jen Ng is a creative powerhouse. Detail-oriented, respectful of deadlines, a team player with an amazing eye, Jen Ng is truly a pleasure to work with. From concept to finished story, Jen has both creative vision and practical orientation toward problem solving."

Justina Blakeney, Designer & Maker

"When we were working together on the Venus Zine DIY section, Jen took her role as Associate Photo Editor very seriously and worked exceptionally hard to always meet deadlines and deliver beyond my expectations. She frequently came through for me in a bind, even if it meant putting in many more hours than expected, and was always the consummate professional in her dealings with story subjects and photographers, providing creative direction and coordinating every detail. Jen showed herself to be incredibly self-driven and motivated to learn, and I think she came out of the experience having discovered a new passion and a lot of talent for the art side of publishing. I recommend her work without hesitation!"

Emilie Zanger, Culinary Creative Consultant & Food Stylist

"Jen has an extraordinary aesthetic sensibility, style, and creative approach. She is detail-oriented, constantly picking up on things we miss. She is a dream to work with: driven, dedicated, always conscious of deadlines."

Kaitlin Prest, Creative Director, The Heart

"I first worked with Jen when I hired her to produce a BUST Magazine photoshoot. It's a small publication and she had to wear many hats. She did everything from picking out the models to scouting locations to pulling together the crew. She did a beautiful job and made it look easy. Jen is the best!"

Erin Wengrovius, Art Director, Every Day with Rachael Ray

"Jen has remained my go-to person for creating connections in the creative and media fields since I met her in 2008. We have worked with her on interior photoshoots with great success and consistently seek her opinion on our marketing initiatives. I would highly recommend Jen; she has been a great help to our growing company."

Sarah Barrett, Principal, Elemental Interiors

"Jen is simply the first person I would hire for anything that involves accomplishing a creative endeavor, especially ones that require artistry combined with organizational skills. She is tenacious and sees obstacles as opportunities for solutions. One of her most endearing strengths is her calm, affable nature which is impervious to chaos, engendering a positive and productive atmosphere. She also has a knack for absorbing a given project and producing results that exceed expectations. On the occasions when I've been asked to write a reference, it has taken effort to recall strengths. In Jen's case, this was a breeze."

David Libman, Sales Director, Aesthetic Movement

"Everyone in the Style Department at Real Simple absolutely loved working with Jen. We called in a great deal of Hable Construction items for photo shoots, and Jen was always a joy to work with. She responded to our requests in a timely and efficient manner, and worked with us to make sure everything ran smoothly. I would love to work with Jen again!"

Kate Gleason, Style Dept, Real Simple Magazine