DESIGN X ACTIVISM — virtual magazine event series

A creative think tank working together to address social justice issues through in-depth conversations and real-time workshopping in an interactive, virtual magazine format.

To think critically about how we can combine *Design x Activism to incorporate empathy into our day-to-day lives — as a quest — driving long-term, social change. I want participants to leave the conversation with tools to help them think through creative, human and equity-centered solutions that can be applied to our own lives / projects achieved through our individual and unique skills. Whether it’s through policy change, our networks, writing, art, research, storytelling, filmmaking, podcasts, daily conversations, etc., we'll refer to **Design Thinking as the foundation of our approach.

*I use Design loosely here, which includes disciplines like writing and filmmaking, because the way we craft our words and story is its own form of design. Everything is by design.

**Modified to be more inclusive and less business-jargony than the traditional model. Attendees do not have to be a Designer-by-trade to participate.

Event Programming
Editorial Design
Art Direction
Logo Design
Type Design
UX Design

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