A Midwestern gal at heart with big-city valor, I moved to New York City from Madison, Wisconsin in 2006 to work in the melting pot of all things creative. I did PR for lifestyle brands like BAGGU and SOCIETY FOR RATIONAL DRESS; and art directed photo shoots for BUST MAGAZINE and VENUS ZINE. Having worked closely with small companies with big hearts and missions, I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between the brand and the user. I now specialize in UX and visual design. In between, I work on social justice projects rooted in LGBTQIA+ topics, race relations, youth empowerment and women's advocacy for non-profits like WILLIE MAE ROCK CAMP FOR GIRLS; the podcast THE HEART; and most recently, the virtual event series DESIGN x ACTIVISM.


I like to root for the underdog — from the queer BIPOC who’s afraid to have a voice, the punk band that plays at DIY venues to an audience of 5, to the small business built on a threadbare budget. This has been true since I was a child standing 3’ tall where my natural curiosity and empathic nature helped me see past race, gender, social status, religion, sexual orientation, mental agility, and physical ability. I was interested in people and their stories. To know them was to listen to them and to empathize with them. I also want to let them know that they belong.

I apply that to my adult life in working on projects with a lot of heart and soul, whose founders and team members are advocates for the arts, social justice and health. In the past decade, I’ve conceived ideas and executed visions, creating opportunities where there is a need through content strategy and creative direction for brands, individuals, and non-profits. But the challenge was in affecting change on a broader level.

I honed my specialty to focus on digital product design, where strategic thinking and thoughtful design could impact the world on a more scalable level through technology and virtual communities. My time working with small companies showed me the ins-and-outs of what makes a business go around — experiences that led me to apply a holistic approach to designing touchpoints using my UX, UI, branding, and strategy skills on a larger level.

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